let nature fill your heart and soul


to the looking glass

A local tribe of watersport enthusiasts & certified professionals working hand in hand with the environment to create enriching experiences where discovery is a way of life.


to keep the curious satisfied

Navigate the crystal clear waters of Providenciales in a clear kayak or paddleboard, make new friends with a myriad of wildlife animals, or learn about our coastal and mangrove ecology.



Classic activities that place you right in the center of nature. Our activities are beginner, expert + family/friends/loved ones friendly!



Full transparency into the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean, home to many diverse marine species, birds and wildlife.



We leave no footprint in the ocean, remove any that we come across and encourage the use of biodegradable reef-safe sunscreen.


State of Mind

Paddling with TLG is extremely fun, certainly therapeutic, and a great way to explore a wealth of nature on the island of Providenciales.
Details and Specifications

Made from raw polycarbonate material, the same type of material used in bulletproof glass and aircraft windows, its heavy duty construction comes at no compromise to their performance on the water, as they weigh only 45lbs and design elements such as high canoe-like sides to deflect water splashes, an open cockpit for leg mobility and ergonomic seats shaped for comfort and back support all allow for easy maneuvering while paddling.

The maximum weight capacity for each kayak is 420lbs and with its interchangeable 1 or 2-seater design, you can sit by yourself or in tandem with a tour guide, family member, friend, or loved one. Each kayak is equipped with 2 high-visibility flotation buoys, 2 paddles and 1 skeg at the rear end, which allows for smooth sailing across the water.